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Cocoa Halva

Halva (also Helva, Halvah, Halwa) is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet made from tahini (sesame paste) and sugar to form a dense but crumbly/flaky texture. 

Halva makes a great after dinner treat or served with coffee or tea when you have guests. 


Did you know?

Halva is also commonly served in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and South Asia and can be either flour-based or nut butter-based. Flour based variants usually use Semolina, butter, flour and sugar. Nut-based variants include pine nuts and sunflower seed based Halvas. 

In China, Halva is referred to as “flaky sugar” and is often made from peanut butter or mung beans.  

Sultanbaci Cocoa Helva 350gr

Have you ever tasted Sultanbaci Turkish halvah? A special flavour with cocoa.

* Keep cool and dry place, away from sunlight and odours

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