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Olive Oil 250ml

Sellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Olive oil makes you younger!

Sellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruity, well-balanced cold pressed olive oil, with low acidity (up to 0,5%), extracted from high quality fruit of the olive tree. It keeps the freshness of its fragrance and blends harmoniously with all food flavours.

Sellas Olive Oil, with its experience and knowledge, is in a position to ensure the quality of the natural and organoleptic (sensory) characteristics of its olive oil, because its controls all processes, both in the olive grove and at the olive-press, along with its storage, standardization and transport.

Sellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in amber glass bottles or stainless steel containers to avoid contact with light and air. The ideal temperature to store olive oil is between 10C to 15C for about 18 months.

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