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Turkish Coffee

Sekeroglu Turkish Coffee 250g

Turkish coffee is prepared from the thinnest grinded coffee beans among the coffees in the whole world. Turkish coffee is the name of a very special and historical coffee brewing method. Since who found this method and introduced it to the world is Turkish people, it is known as Turkish coffee.

* Keep in a cool and dry place away from strong light and odours.

According to the classical Turkish coffee recipe, there are six steps we have follow in Turkish coffee brewing:

1. Step: First of all, put that many glasses of water to the coffee pot, as how many cups of coffee you will make. Cold and quality water (if possible do not use tap water, chlorine will ruin the taste of coffee) is important to make a delicious coffee.
2. Step: If you want, it is the time to add sugar to your coffee pot. Add 2 teaspoon or 2 cube sugar to the pot for coffee with sugar.
3. Step: It is just the time to add coffee. Put 2 full teaspoon (approximately 5 gram) coffee for each coffee cup and mix all the materials gently.
4. Step: Start to heat your coffee at low heat. Be very careful, because coffee can boil over and spill over from your coffee pot! And it may be troublesome to clean it later! It is up to you whether to mix it or not while it brews. Both way works.
5. Step: When the coffee foams lightly, take the foam and share it out to coffee cups. Repeat foaming distributing the foam to cups foaming again for 3 times, and pour the coffee to the cups at the end. Don`t forget, you should not boil the coffee exactly. Otherwise, since the fatty acids in the coffee will evaporate, you will have a bitterish and tasteless coffee.
6. Step: Yes that was all! You have already made a high-foam Turkish coffee. Now, you can drink your coffee with full enjoyment. By the way, it is usual to serve water with coffee; this water is drank right before the coffee, so other tastes in the mouth goes away, and you can taste the flavor of coffee as much as possible.

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