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        Peynirli Su Boregi (Water Borek / Boiled Borek / Cheese Pastry)

        This pastry is made from layers of filo/phyllo pastry sheets and a mixture of white cheese (similar to Feta) and parsley. It makes a great dinner party dish or a quick lunchtime snack over tea with friends. 

        Ready to eat or simply heat oven to 140c for 5-10 mins


        Did you know?

        Su Böregi is a notoriously difficult borek/pastry to prepare from scratch. It involves making fresh phyllo dough and boiling each thin sheet of pastry before oiling them and layering them one by one. After roughly 5 layers you add the cheese and parsley mixture and continue layering 4 more boiled layers and a final (not boiled) layer. This is topped with an egg, olive oil and yoghurt mixture and baked until golden brown.

        Peynirli Su Boregi (Water Borek / Boiled Borek / Cheese Pastry)

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