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Fresh Manti (Stuffed Dumplings / Ravioli / Tortellini)

Manti is a traditional dish throughout Turkey, where Manti is served either as a small starter course or as a main meal. 

These dumplings contain a spiced meat filling. Simply boil according to the instructions, drain and stir into garlic-infused yoghurt. In a separate saucepan, melt butter and add red pepper flakes and dried mint (optional) and once sizzling, pour over the Manti and enjoy! 

Did you know?

Manti is thought to have originated from the Mongol Empire and migrated across Central Asia, Armenia and eventually Anatolia. 

Kayseri is an area of Turkey well known for Manti. 

Ozalp Fresh Kayseri Manti 500g

* Keep chilled at 2-7 C

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