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DIMES % 100 GRAPE 1000ml JUICE

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100% Grape

Dimes 100% Premium Grape Juice 1000 ml

Who don`t like picking and eating grapes from vines? So, do you know any practical way to reach the most delicious and sweet grapes at each season? For you, we prepared DIMES Premium 100% Grape Juice made of delicious grapes that are picked from vines seasonably and carefully sorted and cleaned by us. It is sufficient to drink and enjoy a glass of DIMES Premium 100% Grape Juice to explore the extraordinary story of each grape on your table. With this glass of grape juice, you will feel the sunset in the vineyards, quite touch of winds to vine leaves and full taste of grapes picked from vines.

Drink Cold
Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days.
Best before: see on top
Shake well before opening

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