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Dimes Peach Juice 1000 ml

Peach is a very sensitive fruit although it has a firm and strong appearance. If you squeeze them just a little bit while you are picking them from the tree branches, or if you put several peaches on each other in a random way, then you can see that they suffer damage. For this reason, we carefully pick and put them on cases and squeeze their juice in the factory.

In return of this care and love, peaches want to share their delicious flavour, taste and odor with DIMES. DIMES accepts this for you with respect and makes this unique gift of the nature as DIMES Peach Nectar and places them on shelves. Exploring it and smiling are really close to you. Let`s drinking it!

Drink Cold
Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days.
Best before: see on top
Shake well before opening

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